Welcome To Family Health Insurance

We know if you have a family you need to have professional health insurance although the market can be daunting when all you want to do is to ensure that you, your spouse and children are covered against unforeseen medical care and receive proper treatment if something happens so that's why we set up this website.

Choosing the Right Health Plan

When it comes to choosing the right health plans you could be excused from simply signing up for cheap medical insurance because the costs are low but will you be covered ? And does it include everything you require such as dental insurance and is it really affordable ? Private health insurance providers can be the same as group health insurance companies in that they offer quotes for both including the self employed but with waiting lists at NHS hospitals still being in terms of months rather than weeks family health insurance is something you may want to consider buying.

Although most insurance policies won't cover you for pre-existing conditions, pregnancy or maternity it's something that will give you peace of mind especially if you have children.

Insurance Companies for Families

Almost all the major health providers offer health insurance for families including Bupa, PPP, and Axa and other general insurance companies can offer quotes such as Aviva and of course the price comparison websites are getting in on the act so you can at least compare prices but may not be able to compare cover so it's always worth reading the small print for what's on offer if you are in any doubt.

Types of Cover

Normally policies are not "one type fits all" and there are many options you can choose from and these include in patient treatment if you are referred for an operation in hospital depends on the type of treatment and care offered, day patient if you have an operation which is quick so you are in and out in a day, out patient services for pre and post operations. Although the UK government are trying to offer all people their choice of hospital for care it is not always possible and sometimes getting into a private hospital is not an option so see what hospitals are available with the insurer you are thinking of going with.

Cost of Cover

The cost of health insurance always increases with age as you are more likely to have things go wrong as you get older. Additionally normally you don't get as much cover in the first few years so it's best to start insurance as soon as you can.

All health insurance is regulated by the UK Financial Services Authority (FSA) and you should make declarations of any known ailments you have when taking out a new insurance policy.